Dictionary-like Memcache Value Object

class memcached2.ValueDictionary(value, key, flags, cas_unique=None, memcache=None)

Encode the response as a dictionary.

This is a simple dictionary of the result data from the memcache server, including keys: “key”, “value”, “flags”, and “cas_unique”. This is a way of getting additional data from the memcache server for use in things like CAS updates.

Instantiate new instance.

  • value (str) – The memcache value, which is the value of this class when treated like a string.
  • key (str) – The key associated with the value retrieved.
  • flags (int) – flags associated with the value retrieved.
  • cas_unique (int) – The cas_unique value, if it was queried, or None if no CAS information was retrieved.
  • memcache (ServerConnection) – The memcache server instance, used for future operations on this key.

ValueSuperStr instance